Automate Radio - Subtek Showcase w/ Esion. 7-9pm Weds 21/04/10


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Esion has been on the scene, under various aliases, for around ten years now. His DJ career has touched a long list of UK venues and has spanned a variety of genres including d&b, dubstep, breakbeat, hip-hop, hard dance, hardcore, freeform and techno. He plays dark & jump-up d&b and dubstep but expect surprises. Diversity is his middle name and he knows what an audience wants better than they know themselves. His darker drum & bass productions with producer Defazed are released through Sub-Tek records but expect solo d&b and dubstep releases on other labels.

Tonight's show is all about Subtek. Expect an expansive cross-genre blend of Subtek gems and dubplates.

Automate is a collective formed of Deficit and Tracksuit Mafia. The pair met a few years back and started clubbing together regularly, sharing a mutual love of dark, hard, techy dnb and dubstep. Automate currently runs a weekly radio show, sponsored by Intense Records, which aims to showcase both up & coming and established dnb, dubstep and breakbeat dj's. Recent guests include Katanga, Displaced, Esion and Frequency. A bi-monthly London club night is planned for late 2010 with possible record label to follow.

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