AutomAte Podcast 037 - Xanadu


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Exploring the darker, more atmospheric side of Drum & Bass, Xanadu soon caught the attention of one of the scenes greats, when Ant TC1 chose his track ‘Abstrakt’ as the winner of Outlook Festival’s producer competition in 2012.

Early support for Xanadu's tracks (such as 'Ventricle') came from a number of highly esteemed artists and DJ's including Mefjus, Fourward, June Miller and Kasra, but the ball really started rolling when he met the legendary Dom & Roland.

Dom invited him to release his first record on D&R Productions, the first original solo work (other than Dom's own) to be signed to the imprint. "Through The Oort Clouds" was the debut release, a full length LP which came out in January 2015

Xanadu currently has more music forthcoming on Dom & Roland Productions which we should see later this year.

Track List:

Fixate - Alive - [Exit Records]
Spirit - Life Goes On - [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Fracture & Moresounds - Dead and Bury - [Astrophonica]
Halogenix - Soulide - [Ingredients Records]
Xtrah - We Exist - [Cyberfunk]
Silent Witness, Survival - Trust No One - [Dispatch Records]
Arkaik & Bredren - Red Powder (Arkaik Remix) - [Proximity Recordings]
Skeptical - Square Breathing - [Ingredients Records]
Xanadu - Maglev [Dom & Roland Productions dub]
Disprove - War Drive - [Renegade Hardware]
Philth - Destroyer - [AutomAte Tech]
Detail - Breakout [Addictive Behaviour Records]
Signal - Judgment [dub]
Skeptical - Imperial - [Exit Records]
Seba - Berberian Sound - [Secret Operations]
Quartz - Zone System - [DSC14 dub]
Fearful - XIII - [AutomAte]
Signal - Existence - [Mindtech Recordings]
Disprove - No Silence [Ammunition Recordings]
Raiden & Outrage - Tornado - [Temah]
Philth - Genocide - [AutomAte Tech]
Xanadu & Phentix - ? [dub]
Simple Technique - Cold Stepping - [Cyberfunk]