AutomAte Podcast 036 - Deficit

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    Label boss Deficit takes to the decks himself to bring you an hour of big bass, bad breaks and broken beats. As always, the AutomAte head-honcho digs deep, constructing a mix that spans nearly 15 years and explores a variety of shadowy, murky corners of the genre.

    Don’t forget to also check out the AutomAte radio show, hosted by Deficit with special guests, 4 weekly from Friday 17th April on London’s Flex FM.

    To book Deficit, or any AutomAte artist, drop a line to

    Track List:

    Silent Witness - Arc Light [Dispatch]
    >> DBR UK & AMC - Dub King [Icarus Audio]
    Friction & K-Tee - Set It Off [Shogun Audio]
    Moving Fusion - Turbulence [Ram Records]
    Ed Rush & Optical - Chub Rub [Virus]
    SPY - Favela [Metalheadz]
    Kantyze - Caprica [Mindtech]
    Raiden - 6 Foot Ditch (Kryptic Mindz remix) [Renegade Hardware]
    Pish Posh - Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent VIP) [Barcode]
    Philth - Submarine [AutomAte]
    DRS ft. Jubei - The Puppeteer [Soul:R]
    SPY - Xenomorph [Metalheadz]
    Arclight - Pluroform (Raiden remix) [AutomAte Tech]
    Raiden - Danzon [Voodoo]
    Verb - Total Control [DSCI4]
    Xanadu - Cygnus [Dom & Roland Productions]
    Mutt & Kevin King - Conversations (Rene LaVice & Gremlinz remix) [CIA]
    Vince Grain - Roswell Eyewitness (Immersion & Cypher remix) [AutomAte]
    Rockwell - Noir (Ulterior Motive remix) [Critical]
    Raiden & Outrage - Dutty Bungle [Temah]
    Raiden - 1986 [Offkey]