Drum & Bass AutomAte Podcast 028 - Sweetpea


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Since 2011, DJ Sweetpea has held her own as the 'Princess of Rude FM' on the 20 year veteran station. Her passion for fresh underground music and love of rolling basslines is heard in all her mixes. Live, Sweetpea feeds off the crowd's energy and loves to drop into dark, minimal sections.

She has stayed true to the music she loves in any crowd she's played to. She's played alongside some of the biggest names in the game at well-loved venues including Electric Brixton, Hidden, Egg, 93 Feet East and Cafe 1001.

In October 2012, Sweetpea was a featured artist for Lisa Nyx's female troop Syrenz. Since then she has gained a residency with Noise Brixton at the famous Dogstar. This girl is a true ambassador for the ladies, the scene and the music she holds dear.


Track List

Gerra & Stone - Back Hand - Dispatch
Incognito - Black Magic (Philth Remix) - Flexout Audio
Trex - Loungin - Flexout Audio dub
DLR, Hydro, Mako & Villem - The Formula - Dispatch
Ben Fawce & P Fine - Boiler Room- Flexout Audio
Heavy1 - Heavy Tone - Avantgarde
Bazil & Trichrome - Update - Flexout audio dub
Amoss - Flex - Renegade Hardware
Payne & NFR - Detected - IM Ltd
Nitri - Survivors (Amoss Remix) - Horizons Music
Kolectiv - Launch Pad (Xtrah Remix) - Scientia
Mono - Fissure - IM Ltd
Dabs - Objection - Dispatch
Fade - Target - IM Ltd
Fierce & Vicious Circle - Spectre - Quarantine
Survival & Silent Witness - The Feeding - Dispatch
Gerra & Stone - Crimson - Proximity
Edit - Cargo Dub - Rooted
Facing Jinx - Consumed (Hyroglifics Remix) - Peer Pressure