Drum & Bass AutomAte Podcast 020 - Deviant Nature

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    Deviant Nature A.K.A Jay O'Sullivan started writing electronic music toward the end of the 90's. It was an inevitable progression, he'd always been in love with music, and had been buying and mixing records since 1996. Jay's interest in creative expression has been the catalyst for numerous projects, gigs and collaborations across several genres and aliases. For his Deviant Nature persona, the main focus is the the darker realms of drum n bass: a tapestry of powerful beats, nasty basslines, rib-rattling subs, brain tweaking synths and a certain twisted funk that makes you want to simultaneously smile and grimace. Bass Face!

    Resident with Sub:Bass:Invaders and owner of Blackbelt Recordings, Deviant Nature is also curently working with This Chris, together forming Smash Syndicate. Current & future projects include DnB, drumstep and fresh dubstep material including collaborations with vocalists & other musicians. Lots of exciting stuff in the pipeline from both Smash Syndicate & Deviant Nature in the near future.

    Check out http://soundcloud.com/deviantnature for new music and the Blackbelt podcast at http://www.blackbeltrecordings.co.uk/#/Podcasts

    Enjoy ;)

    1.Billain - Batbots
    2.Audio Vacuum
    3.Audio - Warehouse V.I.P
    4.Jade - Acid Flood
    5.Deviant Nature - ? Untitled ?
    6.Dom & Roland - Capsicum
    7.Desimal - Zero Searcher
    8.Billain - Horus
    9.Misanthrop - Sidereal
    10.Blacksun Empire - potemkin
    11.Current Value - Bruja
    12.Calyx & Teebee - Confession
    13.Phace & Misanthrop - Whats Wrong
    14.Unknown Error - Hellraiser
    15.Misanthrop - Amboss
    16.SPL - Take me away
    17.The Sect - Turrican (Katharsys Remix)
    18.Donny - The resistance
    19.Current Value & Donny - Discovered
    20.Unknown Error - War Games
    21.The Sect - Tyrant
    22.The Sect - Nerve attack
    23.Current Value - Tunnel vision (Donny remix)
    24.Katharsys - Hell of a twist
    25.Nanotek - Harpoon (Donny Remix)
    26.Katharsys - No end for the darkness
    27.The outside agency - Reality Collaspe
    28.Dylan - Dark Planet (Donny remix)
    29.Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value V.I.P)
    30.Current Value - Edge of dreams
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    If you havent already, grab this while it's still hot ;) New podcast incoming later this month