Drum & Bass AutomAte Podcast 019 - Amoss

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    Search for 'AutomAte dnb' in the iTunes store: http://bit.ly/g1MJ9R
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    Amoss, a producer/DJ duo from Herefordshire, England. Having met in High School, James and Andy wrote and performed music in bands before discovering electronic music, specifically Drum & Bass.

    With their debut release 'Glurg monster' in 2010 on Cyclone Recordings the duo jumped onto the scene in style. Since then they have now moved up the ranks releasing on Renegade Hardware with their track 'Flex' on the Inception EP and most recently teaming up with the Horsemen on the Horsementality LP. They are currently the driving force towards Kent based label Horizons Music with whom they have already released 2 singles and their highly acclaimed 'The Spectrum EP' with many more waiting in the wings for 2012.

    Taking inspiration from across the board of Drum & Bass, their style varies through gritty, hard hitting beats and distorted basslines to deep, technical and experimental sound design.

    Support from Spectrasoul, Doc Scott, Ant TC1, Ulterior Motive, Need For Mirrors, the list goes on. Enjoy ;)

    1. Defo - Expanding (Hustle Audio Dub)
    2. FD & Fracture - No Rest (Subtitles UK)
    3. DBR UK - Kartel (Broken Audio Dub)
    4. Gerwin - Against the Clock (Dub)
    5. Dabs & Safire - Hideout feat. MC Lowqui (Avantgarde Dub)
    6. Anile - Back to Pack (Inneractive Music)
    7. Amoss - Recycle (Horizons Music Dub)
    8. Ulterior Motive - It's On feat. Codebreaker (Subtitles UK)
    9. Cern & Menace - Schemer (Renegade Hardware Dub)
    10. Noel - Abstraction (Total Rez Dub)
    11. Sunchase & Nickbee - Compounder (Horizons Music Dub)
    12. Data - Fragment (Blackout Dub)
    13. Bredren - Pestilence (Dub)
    14. Amoss - Footloose (Linden, Octane & DLR remix) (Horizons Music Dub)
    15. J. Robinson & Amoss - Jigsaw (Architecture Dub)
    16. Halogenix - Tenderchain (Horizons Music Dub)
    17. Clarity - Parallel (Horizons Music Dub)
    18. Lithics - Foresight (Dub)
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    Go grab this mix while it's still hot ;) We'll be a couple of weeks longer than usual getting the next podcast out due to moving house & hence the studio. We'll be back on it in May though ;)