Automate DnB & Dubstep - new sets for free stream/download

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    New sets & recent shows now available for free stream or download at or, including:

    12/05/10 - Tracksuit Mafia (heavy dnb & dubstep)
    21/04/10 - Esion (dark dnb)
    21/04/10 - Esion b2b Freek One (dubstep set)
    14/04/10 - Katanga (tech dnb)
    07/04/10 - Deficit & Tracksuit Mafia (hard-edged dnb)

    Tune in every Weds 7-9pm at Chatroom available at

    Join the FB fan group & myspace for up-to-date Automate events & info. Hit myspace or soundcloud to download recent and historic shows for free.

    Guest slots are available on Automate Radio!! Any DnB, dubstep & breaks dj's who fancy a slot on the show, contact us at Friends of friends welcome, just sort us a demo mix ;)

    Automate is a collective formed of Deficit and Tracksuit Mafia. The pair met a few years back and started clubbing together regularly, sharing a mutual love of dark, hard, techy dnb and dubstep. Automate currently runs a weekly radio show, sponsored by Intense Records, which aims to showcase both up & coming and established dnb, dubstep and breakbeat dj's. Recent guests include Katanga, Displaced, Esion and Frequency. A bi-monthly London club night is planned for late 2010 with possible record label to follow.
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