AUGUST 2014 Mix - Jaffasumo

PLAY IT LOUD & Enjoy..

A quick mixdown of all the tracks that have been tearing up the Drum & Bass scene for months!

New releases August 2014 and a couple of bangers from earlier in the year.

Jump Up, Techstep and some Deep Vocals released on the likes of PLAYAZ, LowDownDeep and HORIZONS

Starting with undoubtedly Philth & Amps biggest release 'TIRED' Including DJ Pleasures knarly bopper 'DIESEL', Majistrate & Sub Zeros 'IDEA' from there massive EP released this year and of course a rework of LTJ Bukem's classic Atlantis.


Tired - Philth & Amp
Bing Bong - Hoogs
Diesel - Pleasure
What is it - Majistrate
Idea - Majistrate & Subzero
Tidal Wave - Turno & Dominator
Spinning Method - Guv
No Stopping - Jaydan
Oscillator 3 - Need for Mirrors
Winter Tears - Pleasure
Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y refix) - LTJ Bukem