August 2003 MP3 mix - Part 1 - CDJ Madness


Aug 13, 2002
Glasgow, Scotland

Well decided it was time for some August MP3 mix bizness. Butttttttt I left my record bag at a mates at the weekend so had to fire up the old CDJs. So this is the first part of the August mix (or mixes?) - all forthcoming material mixed on the trusty Pioneers, so for obvious reasons its a 96kbps MP3

Its a fairly techy affair and the vinyl mix that follows on part 2 (will do it tomorrow night) will be more varied - but check this out when ya get a mo and lemme know what ya think!

(BTW if there's any call for a streaming RA version for the 56k massif - I'll upload it - just lemme know!)

Dj Paul Reset - August 2003 Mix Part 1 - CDJ Madness - 65MB 96kbps MP3

"Tunnel Vision" - Optiv (Blindside)
"Orbiting Earth" - Psidream (Habit)
"Timechaser" - Noisia, Milo & Prolix (?)
"Lifeforce" - Skynet (?)
"Witchhunt" - Gridlok & Illformants (P51)
"Isolation" - Elemental Fusion & Sickbay (?)
"Chopper" - Rawthang (N Vision)
"Soul Shaker" - D Kay & Rawfull (IllSkillz Recs)
"Bad Bones (D Kay rmx)" - Concord Dawn (Freak)
"Clenched Fist" - Raiden (?)
"Tsunami" - Mayhem (1210)
"Soldiers" - Tech Itch & MC Jakes (?)
"Dusk Till Dawn" - Decoder (?)
"Stand Alone Complex" - Terminal Velocity (Nerve)
"Resistance" - Rob F (Hostile)
"Blackout (rmx)" - SKC & Chris SU (DSCI4)
"Organizm" - Sunchase & Ghost (?)
"44 Cal Killer" - Raiden (?)
"Hostile" - Kemal & Rob Data (Unreleased)
"Awaken Life" - Velocet & Paul Reset (?)

Cheers, Paul


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Nov 29, 2001
Hi Paul!

Downloading and moved this thread to the Mixes forum :)
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