Aug. 11th - HERTZ - Feat. Goldie (UK) Metalheadz - Charlotte, NC- SS & DDP w/ HVYHDS

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    Disco Donnie and Sugar Society present:

    Drum & Bass Legend:

    :: G O L D I E ::


    Tony Dubz & Will Love (CLT, NC) Heavy Heads/ FYI
    B.Z. (CLT, NC) Heavy Heads/FYI
    Coley & Krost (CLT, NC) Smash-Bro'z
    Sylum (Cola, SC) Hyperformula

    House on the patio hosted by Identity Theft w
    Nat Eichler, Buckmaster and KT Caustic

    Dharma Lounge 1440 S. Tryon St. - Charlotte, NC


    For more info go to