Hardcore AUDIOGENIC is putting up its whole catalogue on Youtube!!

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    Jul 27, 2012
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    Hey everybody,

    After 16 years as a musical activist, AUDIOGENIC continues to get you tapping your feet on the Hard Beats planet!

    Audiogenic has 14 sublabels: Psychik Genocide, Neurotoxic, Absurd Audio, Altern-hate, etc. and brings together a large group of national and international artists, such as, Lenny Dee, Radium, Micropoint, The Speed Freak, The Sickest Squad, Hellfish, Producer, Al Core, and Maissouille,among others.
    AUDIOGENIC is proud to present today the new version of their Youtube channel containing their whole catalogue available for free listening.

    - 1200 tracks + teasers, clips, party after-videos, etc.
    - 18 playlists organized under sublabel and/or artist
    - Bonus: access to artists’ playlists on Deezer and Spotify

    Add to all this a new design and links you would love to have and tada, you have an ideal interface for listening to/ discovering the catalogue and keeping up with all the AUDIOGENIC news.

    JUST CLICK HERE : http://www.youtube.com/user/AUDIOGENICRECORDS

    See ya soon!!