Audio updates on the Offshore website!

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    Jan 11, 2005
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    The Offshore site has been updated with audio from artists like Omni Trio, Endemic Void and Graphic. Check out the releases section to listen to these amazing new clips and the old ones if you haven't already...



    Also, to mark the start of the Macrofun split 10" series, we're having the Macrofun Coloring Contest. The Macrofun series will be released in six parts throughout 2005. Each 10? vinyl release will have a different artist on each side and will showcase the full range of sound possibility on Microcosm Music. Full sleeve art will grace each release, courtesy of the illustration talents of CEDE, and the series will culminate at the end of 2005 with a CD compilation of all 12 tracks from the vinyl, plus new material exclusive to the CD.

    The coloring contest was born from the sleeve art, which is black and white, leaving it begging to be colored in, with its host of smiling buildings and brick streets. Three winners will be announced on February 15, with prizes including records, CD?s, tee shirts, and an original painting by CEDE. The art file can be downloaded on the Microcosm site and entries can be sent into the main office for consideration. Details can be found at: Microcosm Music

    Thanks for reading. Go get a box of crayola and have fun!