Audio Sweets Boutique!!! All of our official tunes in one spot!

Check it out ya'll! It's time I present to you all my Audio and Merchandise store called Audio Sweets Boutique!!! It is where I have all of our Raptor Tunes for sale, and hopefully future on will supply 12" from other artists if they allow for bigger promotions! For now, check us out, let me know what you think, and we have TONs of cool stuff right now including:

All of our Personal & Current Album releases!
Cheap, Proffesional Mastering Services
Cheap, Proffesional Graphics Services!

With many many cool things as well coming up for you all to enjoy!

Including Free Sound Packs, all of our Free downloads in one compilation! Andromeda Program Album (Nov. 24th!!!)! Various Artists Drum and Bass Vol. 2 (Dec 25th!!!) Various Artists Dubstep Vol. 1 (Dec. 25th!!!)

Stay tuned folks!!!

Audio Sweets Boutique