Audio is back! Lifted EP now online! Labels and producers please read!


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Damn straight, after months without a decent audio page we're back in action! What better way to relaunch the audio page than to have one of D&B's finest, Spor, grace us with his new EP on Lifted Music.

Check out the "Supernova" EP by Spor here


Labels and producers, as before, we're now excepting tunes to showcase on our extremely busy pages, simply hit up the AIM: dnbfdubs to get started!

As expected, we're on auto accept, but please make sure you label your tunes correctly! e.g. "artist - title - label - cat number.mp3"

If you have a press release or news item to post in our articles system, please fire that over via AIM or e-mail.

DnBForum e-mail: info (at)

Any questions, please give us a shout. Oh, and spread the word!
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