Audio Interfaces

So I'm looking at audio interfaces and am somewhat limited it seems since I produce off my laptop. I've found a few and haven't been able to make up my mind for a couple of reasons. The Akai EIE 24-bit seems to be my preferred choice, but I've heard that it has issues when using OSX Mavericks which is the OS I use. Apparently it had something to do with the driver. I've seen that they released a beta driver for it, but can't find information on if it still had problems. Also have been looking at NI Komplete Audio 6, and has anyone heard anything about M-Audio interfaces?

Of course I am open to suggestions, needs to be a USB audio interface, preferred to have at least 4 inputs, and would be nice to have some sort of monitoring.


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Depends on how much you're willing to spend. Since you're working on a Mac, Apogee should definitely be considered. I purchased a Duet 2 several years ago and have never looked back. I'm sure the Quartet is in my near future.

If Apogee or RME is out of your budget, consider Focusrite (ex. Sapphire) and Roland (ex. Quatro) both make great, affordable interfaces.

IMO, if a company hasn't been able to make their interface by Mavericks by now, I would personally question just how proactive they're with their product support.