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Discussion in 'Production' started by Grov, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Apr 23, 2014
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    I'm looking for a audio interface and when i was browsing the catalogue of my go to music store i stumbled upon this mixer which also alows you to record over usb. (allen and heath zed10/zed10fx)
    Its practicly the same price as some of the audio interfaces i was considering (scarlet 2i4, akai eie pro, NI komplete audio 6) but the mixer gives me more connectivity and allows me to do some pre-processing.
    the only thing it doesnt have is midi out which is to be expected, but already have a solution for that. so these are preety much my options (feel free to suggest a diffrent device).

    scarlet 2i4
    akai eie pro
    NI komplete audio 6

    allen and heath zed10/zed10fx

    thanks in advance,
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    Dec 21, 2014
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    Ive got the scarlet 2i2 mate and it's good. I can plug in headphones, live instruments and mics. I've not had any problems with it either. Also i got 4 plugins free. It came with a compressor, gate, eq and reverb. Id recommend it. It caters for all my needs at the moment as I've only been producing a year.
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    go for a soundcard. That mixer may have USB out, but how are you gonna route audio from your computer to monitors (for example)? Why would you need to pre-process sounds when youre working in the box? You'll want to EQ your recorded sounds regardless.

    I use the AKAI EIE at home (the non pro, red version) and its fantastic. I've only just used up all the inputs with a new synth, mic and output from my decks for sampling, if i need to sample something else, ill just unplug something.
    Its got more than enough features for a bedroom producer and the standard AISO drivers are also rather good, I've recently found I can get my midi latency all the way down to 60ms (on a windows machine)!