Audio interface for monitors / bass guitar


May 12, 2011
Title says it all, I would need a recommendation for interface that would be used for pluging my bass guitar in (recording stuff), studio monitors and possibly a MIDI keyboard or some guitar pedals...while keeping it cheap (preferably no more then 130€). ;)

Also it goes into a laptop so USB only.

Thx in advance :D
When it comes to audio interfaces, I'm all about $200 Saffire 6 or jump straight to RME. I don't believe in messing with all that stuff in-between. My opinion though, others needs may vary.

Don't get turned off by the Saffire's usb 1.1 like most people do, it's fast enough for 2 in - 4 out audio. It's when you're running more signals that you'd need usb 2 or firewire. My friends and I swear by that interface. It's inexpensive, the preamps sound great and it's built like a tank.
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