Audio - Genesis Device LP [Oct 10]

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Not sure if many of you remember mans like Wrisk and Mackie from the Gain/G2 era - this is when heads (both on DOA and outside of our circle) first got a whiff of what Audio was about. Over the last decade, Audio's built a rep as one of the keepers of the dark funk, bringing the drama to plenty of labels, including an album on the Tech Itch/Freak hybrid imprint TechFreak, as well as releases on Subtitles, OffKey and others, including collaborating with Dom & Roland, Dylan, The Sect, Panacea and plenty others. His first 12" for Virus came in 2008, and he got a lot of praise for that release, and over the last year or so, we here at DOA HQ have been hearing rumblings of his artist LP for Virus, and today we intercepted a kite featuring information on Genesis Device, his new album for Virus, which we're told is "pure Virus". 11 tracks of fury, bringing the varying colours of Audio's rainbow to the forefront.

Audio Genesis Device [VRS008LP]


1. Moon Dock
2. Fourth Kind
3. Genesis Device
4. Emissions
5. Stratosphere
6. Jibba Jabba
7. Collision
8. Abyss
9. Nightbreed
10. Scanners
11. The Journey - Part 1

The sheet we got says this is due out "early October", and we don't know what the vinyl version of this album will look like... hell, this is all we've got! Be on the lookout for more info regarding the album that is sure to kick Autumn right in the ass!


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Why is Virus artwork always so bad?
I thought it's well known that optical does the artwork himself. You should be glad that it's not yet another 3D animated thing he tried to come up with... There are a dozen of threads about that on DoA and the Eye of Hin was originally copped of that thread of that Mistabishi 12'' on Virus... If I remember correct ;)

pretty funny :uberlaugh
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