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Brundle Fly
A One touch jagged 303 stab jolts the light swing style kick drum skip over some midnight owl hoots & piston hi-hats, before slowing to a turntable stop. Nervous female vocal's create a wicked tension & 'Jeff Goldblum' makes an oscar winning appearance with his stern but creepy words telling us about turning into 'The Brundle Fly', before this one changes into a 185lb knees up dancefloor smasher.
Crunchy 'Dillinja' style snare's, & hop scotch drums ride a ferocious lead synth which crashes between the deeply set hollow bass, & accurately layed cymbals.
Continual drops of the lead synth allow clean bass switches, & additional early house vocal snips to feast in the mix, but when the unexpected female finally realises that something may be put in her body, the buzzing from this track will already have you screaming in submission.
'Brundle Fly' is energetic & skips along with a pulse of it's own, building slowly but always delivering a reaction from each sound that fills evenly across every drum deletion.
Real knees up action, maybe not to everyone's liking but will cause damage!!

Overall: 7.5/10

Jungle Demon
Ohhh yes absolutely loving this one 'Audio'!! The instant tribal conga's reel you into a mystical setting with freak show laughter & chilling synths, this one opens with a deeper intro then it's A side but will prove to be a very worthy successor.
The superb use of original FX from the film make you imagine your almost lurking in the jungle watching out for the Preadator, but you know he's spotted you when the razor sharp filtered reese wires through the speakers & explodes in a small atom shape, before your told 'There's something out there waiting for us'.
A moments pause & then it's all out war, a large single shot snare lays upon some morse code hi-hats & down-sized jungle shuffles which fill the low end nicely. The growling reese chases the the next 8 bars so it can really evolve & medal with the cooly produced bass licks & ticking shakers.
Taking time exploring films or idea's always pays off & it shows here with a wicked release to kick start the new label.

Overall: 8/10

Released On: Triple Six Recordings
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