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    Audio Block is a new YouTube channel looking to make waves in the drum & bass scene. We caught up with them to see what they have in store...

    There are quite a few other established drum & bass YouTube channels in existence, what makes Audio Block different?
    There are some great channels out there but we feel that there's an opportunity in the scene. We want to represent all styles of drum & bass, and use the channel to showcase both the biggest forthcoming music but also the music found throughout the complex layers of the scene that can so easily be missed.

    The music scene moves so fast now, and it's a task alone to keep up to date with any one sub genre. Audio Block will be posting a slice of everything that we feel needs to be heard, and even if an individual isn't into a certain sub-genre, we hope that by listening to the tracks we post, we will give listeners a new appreciation of what that style is representing, after all... it's all drum & bass.

    Tell us a bit more about the people behind Audio Block...
    There is a team of people all with a great deal of knowledge and connections in the scene. Together we have over 50 years of drum & bass experience, having been involved in the scene right since its birth in the 90s.

    In the team we have established producers who have seen releases on labels such as Ram Records, label managers who have topped the sales charts, a PR consultant, an event manager, DJs who have performed all over the world, a radio presenter who has appeared on Ministry of Sound and one of the fastest growing music distributors in the scene, Cygnus Music.

    What can we expect on Audio Block in the coming weeks and months?
    To kick things off we will be showcasing forthcoming music from labels such as Dispatch, Cause4Concern, Peshay Music, Proximity, Dread, Close to Death, V, Protect Audio, Tongue Flap, Dissected Culture, Rubik Records, 36 Hertz and XEX Audio.

    Any plans for a launch party or any other events?
    In the future we can visualise the brand branching out to putting on specialist events, but first we must build our following in the drum & bass community, so people can understand what we're all about.

    Will you be doing podcasts or anything else like that?
    We will be starting our podcasts very soon and whilst Audio Block is a new brand, we will be using one of our team's label podcasts to start this movement which has over 70,000 subscribers.

    We already have a long list of big established artists, along with a list of those we feel need to be heard. We would like people to entrust Audio Block to showcase high quality and versatile DnB.

    Anything else you'd like to tell us about?
    One of the key partners in the channel is Cygnus Music who specialise in digital distribution, PR and mastering. The company is one of the fastest growing distributors in the UK, and it's great to have them on board in this exciting project!