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    I've started this as a discussion thread for all the video features, tutorials, equipment reviews and unsigned competitions in Audio Arena. The first edition is out already so if you missed it you can view here: and sign up for free from the back page of the eMag or sign up direct from our site

    In the first edition DnB Producer Excile opens his Reactor 5 tutorial with a punishing live DnB assault on the ears and goes on to talk about his involvement with Native Instruments, demo’s his patch in Reactor 5 and lots more.

    Alex Banks of EZ Rollers give us the lowdown on their new sample pack and how they go about getting a project like that off the ground, a lot more work than it would seem! From there Banks lays down essential tips from the studio and goes on to discuss EZ Rollers live band and the possibility of yet another album from the DnB legends.

    Mix master and veteran of DnB Randall shows you how to mix like a pro and the first of the bi-monthly unsigned tracks competition has begun so vote away and get your tracks in to be in with a chance in the coming issues.

    There are also free downloadable sample packs and reviews direct from The Plasa Show 2007 and BPM, two of the biggest DJ equipment events in the country so if you didn’t make you can check out the Allen and Heath Zone42, M-Audio’s Torq (to rival Serato and Stanton Final Scratch)and all the latest from Kam, Ecler, Vestax and Pioneer.

    Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated so please get in touch to say what you love or hate about it, so far nothing but good comments so come on, do your worst ;)

    Lets get the discussions off the ground

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