ATTN:UK Promoters


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Feb 21, 2003
I’m currently trying to set up a database of promoters in the UK to be
featured on The idea behind it being that, as well as
giving smaller nights some extra publicity, it will be easier for
promoters in the same local area to have an idea as to who is doing what
for the scene in the surrounding areas. We also hope that this will
encourage the possibility of links between smaller promoters to help
support up and coming nights and promote the diversity they provide.
Whether it’s a one off event or a series of regular nights, we are
interested in featuring you. We hope to be able to include a specific
section on each promoter with links to fliers and further information on
the promoter/event.
If you would be interested in appearing on the site (which should be
launched sometime in June) please send the following details via pm or to :
~ Name of promoter ( eg Pure Jungle)
~ Area in which the event/s are held ( eg London / Nottingham / Bristol
~ Details of the night/s ( ie name / date / venue etc)
~ Any extra comments on the night ( ie styles of dnb, other music
featured, type of crowd etc)
~ Or any extra comments on the promoter ( ie how you got into promoting
Feel free to include (or include links to) fliers / reviews of previous
events / photos etc

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