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    Jungle 201 Summer Tour 2006

    Following the success of the Jungle 101 Tour last summer, Tester and Archive will once again take to the road for their now annual North American Tour. Featuring these two accomplished jungle DJs, this tour will certainly be a proper follow up to last year's tour.

    Tour Dates:

    June 1st - July 3rd


    Artist Bios:

    Tester of Trilogy Sound has been storming the ragga jungle scene since the late 90s and shows no sign of letting up. With over 24 tunes currently available on vinyl and 22 more recently signed to the massive Top Ranking label, Tester is destined to become the most released ragga jungle producer in North America, if not worldwide. Boasting releases on labels such as Tuff Gang International, Top Ranking, Jungle Royale, Ten Pound and his forthcoming solo imprint, SoundTest, as well as his thousand pound dub crate, Tester brings a distinctive sound that will murder the dance floor and leave a trail of dead soundboys.


    Tester - Dubplate 101

    Archive is a secret weapon of mass destruction. His style, which blends hip-hop and dancehall with the best-loved aspects of old school jungle, is untouchable. Archive's doubles routines will leave any DJ in awe. Originally from LA, but now representing NYC, his bi-coastal sound brings out the best of both coasts and provides the crowd with a believable vibe. His now famous mix CD, “Merderous Jungle Top Shottaz”, not only coined the term “merderous”, but also set the stage for what his style was all about. With his deep crates filled with the most rare and sought after white labels and bootlegs, Archive's performance will keep the crowd dancing while providing a history lesson.


    Archive - Merderous Jungle Top Shottaz (teaser)


    Tentative Tour Itinerary:

    Tour route is tentative, please contact with dates that are best for you.

    There will be merchandise available including vinyl, CDs and clothing at each event. There are many new T-shirt and Sweatshirt designs exclusively for the tour as well as providing many giveaways at each performance.

    Your time is appreciated and if you are interested in bringing this tour to your city or have questions about booking, please contact using the information below.

    Thank You,

    -Tester / Trilogy Sound

    Promoter details:

    We are offering this tour at an all-inclusive rate. This means that all travel expenses will be INCLUDED in the booking rate, unless otherwise negotiated. We are doing our best to work with all promoters of all budget levels. If you are interested in bringing this tour to your city, please contact us with your inquiry, regardless of your budget or event size. We are FAR more interested in doing as many events as possible in as many cities as possible.
    Please contact using the links below.

    Booking Contact Information:

    Email: trilogysoundcrew @
    Phone: 678-528-3269

    **** Email must include the following information: ****

    Real Name:
    Company name:
    City / Location of Event:
    Date Requested:
    Venue Type:
    Expected Turnout:
    Admission Price:

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