Attn: Dj's & Producers!!! wants you!!!


Reason B:Ing Solider
Cheers! has been around for 3+ years now and we are now looking to do a complete face lift.

If you haven't been to the site recently, there is a complete new look for the home page and the rest of the site isn't to far behind.

The next step is adding more shows! We are currently looking to offer new shows to those that are interested.

Obviously we would have to hear some mixes and talk about your experience and such but we are deff actively looking to fill up our roster.

The main goal is to be live 24/7.

If you are interest in hosting your own online radio show please contact me!

AIM: Dj Grayfox or Drum and Bass Tv
E-MAIL: or

P.S. Big up's to General Malice as well as the Evol Intent boys for joinning the team! Thier shows will start real soon!

There are some other big name talents that we're working out some stuff with. More info to come...


Pedro | Grayfox