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Oct 15, 2004
A place where the flowers grow

This event is the first of more to come but to prove to the people who own the club/pub we need to pack it out with as many dnb and dubstep hedz as possible so if your doing nothin on the 12th try make it down there.
There are no big names (part from Culprate?) but the aim of the night is DUTTY so the dubstep will be dark and so will the dnb. This is a night not to be missed!
The place is located right next to watford juntion train station so its real easy to get to an from.

Peace n Fuckin hope to see ya'll down there safe!

P.s The sound system should be immense, its quite a small venue with a 10k rig setup, so bring earplugs if u like your ears
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May 21, 2007
ah man, i can't make it :( i'm meeting some old school mates for our xmas drink in london, it's the only night the majority of us were free to do something so it had to be then :(

was going to reach it too, which is a shame :(

still, next time round though!!!
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