ATTENTION PROMOTERS: your help is needed please


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If anyone could help my sister out I'd really appreciate it (y)

lew said:
I'm Stage and Production Management student, currently in my final year and working on my major assignment.
lew said:
For my assignment i've chosen to set up my own production company and launch my first gig. I need to detail the exact process that someone has to go through in order to launch a company; from the boring legal processes to choosing a name, receive funding, marketing and publicity - you get the idea!

I'd like to hear from any promoters on the forum who have experience in these fields who can help me. Any information will help. I'm not actually launching the company or a gig, it's just an exercise. This, however is definitely something i'd consider doing in the future though, so getting my assignment right is really important.

Could anyone with information/experience/hints and pointers please post them in this thread, or send me/Gumby a private message.
Any info is a huge help!