Attention All Producers (Signed & Unsigned)


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Jul 30, 2002
Round da Way
I am requesting that US Drum & Bass producers looking to get their tracks heard, forward a CD of completed and mastered, dubplate ready tunes to me. I will be reviewing these tracks to be included in live sets and recorded mixes to be nationally distributed. Full production and/or remix credits will be given, as well as contact information for yourself and affiliation. The cost of this to you, the producer, will be nothing more than the price of a blank CD. I will cut the tunes, and cover all costs of mix CD production. There are also several record labels, with whom I have contacts with, that have expressed interest in acquiring new talent that I would suggest to them. This is a win, win situation for all of the talented individuals that have yet to be heard on a major scale. You can only go so far by posting tunes in message boards to be browsed through. Get your tunes on plate and in clubs & in CD's on store shelves nationwide. All submissions will be reviewed and replied to. Take a chance and send in your work. You never know who it will appeal to. The producers whose tracks are selected to be cut will be notified of events that they are played at and the crowd's response to them. The producer will also be notified of any usage within a mix CD and will be forwarded a copy of the CD. Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to many high quality submissions.
For shipping address please submit an email with "track submission" in the subject field to:
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