Atrio - Cloud Watcher (clip)


Sep 1, 2011
well its been 2 months since ive started teaching myself everything there is to know. what do you think? all comments and crit are welcome, ill take all your bads and all your goods :p

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one thing , should my highs be higher ? i always tend to lower them i think
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nice little groove u got there, love the little melody in the background, maybe ''expand'' the synth as the track goes on but other then that, sounds solid, ;)
Soulful stuff here. That heavy compression works nicely and the overall groove is nice. My only critique is that it's very repetitive. Maybe add some fills - either drums, bass, fx drops/ rises, etc. Also, this track could benefit from an additional synth/bass sequence. Perhaps consider writing one using the complimentary key.

Dude very nice. That definitely has the possibility of becoming a really solid track and I agree with Lostnthesound, its kind of repetitive, but some FX and fills would easily fix it. Its a great start :D
im only listening on laptop speakers but the snare doesnt sound great.. will check on monitors tho? synths sound really nice tho!
Not bad mate but,when listened this on higher volume that swep in intro way to hard on ears try cutting cuting some higher freq or reduce volume a bit,and that beat it seems two breaks layered together like there is problem with latency,or you added some delay/reverb can*t tell for sure,fix that and you got pretty solid tune...
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