Atomic vibes radio


Atomic vibes radio, *****
Founded and owned by Spikey B, The idea for Atomic vibes radio was born late in 2009, a place for DJS, producers, collectives, and listeners to be united by there love for all things dnb, playing the very best in liquid, jump up, dubstep, atmospherics, minimal, jungle, tech and dancefloor dnb theres a show for whatever your tastes, plenty of dubs and fresh tunes can be heard regulary, from some of our own finest djs/producers.

Some of the site features include a 192kbps audio stream a live cam stream, chat room, forums, free downloads, promotions, dj profiles and schedules and info on the latest events our Dj's & Producers are involved with ect, you have a choice of music players such as, wmp, winamp, real player, itunes so you can lock in, links to social networking sites and some of the biggest record lables on site.

We are still looking for djs and guest shows so if you are interested check out the site, do us a demo of 45 minutes, give us a little write up on yourself and your style and we will go from there.

Dnb is not just music, its a way of life, so spread the proverbial word and get listening to some quality tuneage!! :)