[Atmospheric] The Feeling / Orion's Theme (WIPs)


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I enjoyed the drums in both, good variations and breaks, plus the pads sounds really nice. What I would have like to hear more of though is more dynamic movement through the tracks, whilst there were different sections to mix things up, the transitions between the sections were just sort of a straight switch most of the time, without a build up of tension or release. Try using white noise whooshing noises to sweep up into sections with energy, for more ambient style tracks I'll use a lot of reverb and delay on the sweeps, so that even once it's finished it'll echo off into the distance, which builds great atmosphere. It doesn't need to be overpowering or hugely audible, but having it there can help add a feel of movement to the track.
Hope that was some useful feedback, I'm still new to producing myself, but it's always helpful to have advice to take in your stride.