Atmospheric/Liquid DnB Tutorial


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Sep 22, 2013
Nps mate! Not too sure. I think subwoofers generally cause problems in small rooms with no proper accousic treatment. For general mixing I dont have it turned on. Once tune pretty much done I have it on at a preset level sent from my mixer when a/b'ing against other dnb tunes. As long as you know how it will translate to other systems its ok to use one.....I think. Dont rely on it tho. Check in car, hifi, PA system, good headphones, crap headphones if you can. I also have some shitty computer speakers you can see in vid too to check on. Even though I still think my mixdowns fall short compared to more of the pros, I dont have any surprises when I go to listen in the car etc cause I have had the same setup for years. All about getting your ears used to your own setup. I will also try to smooth out any big frequency spikes after checking tune on spectro analyser. I use the free BC Freq analyser. The spikes are nearly always in the high mids harsh frequency range that need tamed. 95% of the time I have subwoofer turned on for general listening anything from DnB to Rock to Pop/radio stuff tho.
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