atmospheric/liquid dnb (finally finished after... way too long)


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This is good, not much I can fault.
Variation is pretty good, sounds are decent. I don't listen to much liquid normally though
It changes enough to stop it being boring, but I think you maybe could do with some overall pattern of some sort to give it structure? Doesn't have to be the traditional build-drop-breakdown-drop, but would help, imo.
I'd say your chord changes are a bit fast: either have more of them or make each chord longer, but apart from that, nice little track. Also the chords themselves are a bit so-so: try learning about minor 7, dominant 7 major 7, sus2 and sus4 chords for a more interesting vibe.

I agree with the thing about atmospheric and liquid: atmospheric can be a bit dull sometimes, it needs diluting with something more upbeat and varied to keep it interesting.


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thanks for the tips, i appreciate the advice. i always end up going with simple (and unfortunately repetitive) chords because i have a real hard time with creative chord progressions. just like you mentioned, i tend to get stuck in the traditional song structure. that's usually cuz i get too close to the project after u spend countless hours dicking around on the synth, making the drums (i'll redo the drums many times, sometimes), etc, etc. i tend to get burned out and lose steam when it comes to the structure. many thanks for the reply!


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i tried to make a song that was balanced somewhere between atmospheric and liquid, ambience where it's needed and a mellow liquid vibe. i've been working on this since last fall (off and on) so please give it a listen and let me know what you think.
The ideas are nice. You seem to be missing the low end tho. It sounds a bit like it's filtered out. Maybe try EQing your sub a bit more and using better drum samples. For example the kick doesn't seem to have a low end (it sounds too hollow). It needs to be more punchy.