Atmospheric Dark Ambient / Breakbeat

Neural Tech

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Jul 31, 2009
I left feedback:

"Pretty Wav. I love the atmospheric Intro. The crunchy and glitchy percussive elements in the beginning are neat. At 1:10 I was expecting a big splash of percussion, perhaps a heavily reverbed Cymbal crashing... something, a door slamming, a window shattering. 1:49 - I was wanting a Hi-Hat to come in and get going... 2:07 - I wanted something else Percussion wise to come in. At some point I was hoping for a full Beat and Bassline to drop and get things going. The Piano and tune overall reminds me of Castlevania for some reason. I can see someone starting or ending a Set with this."


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Mar 7, 2013
Well i understand your frustration ^^ but yeah this is supposed to be a mostly ambient track so no full blast for this one, also no hi hat because i didn't feel like adding too much high frequency material.
So yeah i guess that's somehow normal if you don't get what you expected but on the other hand if the track was perfect maybe you wouldn't have expected it to blow up.. i'm divided.
Anyways thanks for your feedback :)
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