ATM MAG ISSUE 70 MIX CD - Jordan V & MC Darrison


The Jungle Raver
Boys and Girls,

This is just a little message to let all the heads know that the latest mix cd free with ATM is an MP3 CD not an AUDIO CD, therefore if like me you have an ancient CD player that does not recognise MP3 cds it will not work!!!!
I have spoken to the gang at ATM and they apologise for the cock up, not their fault and they didn't have enough time to get all the cds redone before going on release today!!!
So dont to the crooks of the matter, If you have an old cd player it wont work BUT if you have a PC, MAC new cd player that recognises MP3 cds you have the pleasure of listenin to a sick mix by Jordan V himself and the complimentary vocals of Darrison!!!!