AT004 – The Tech EP (AT Recordings) OUT NOW!!!

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    Following up the recent AT003 by B Soul and Xpander,

    We're proud to present to you AT004 featuring:

    - The long awaited remix from Hollowpoint (original by POR and Tek Infektion’s Arsenic project, out on AT001), remixed by AT Recordings label owners AXiS & Trank. Brand new, recent updated version!

    - c-Netik from Portugal with his massive epic minimal technoid tune Lyge

    - Future Signal, 3 fresh heads in the scene from the UK with their slamming neurotech tune Narcolepsy. Also watch out for more releases from these guys on labels such as Obscene, DSCI4 and of course AT Recordings!

    - A long awaited collaboration between Illuminati & Sunchase called Assurian! More filthy minimal tech!


    A – Arsenic – Hollowpoint (AXiS & Trank Remix)
    AA – c-Netik – Lyge
    B – Future Signal – Narcolepsy
    BB – Illuminati & Sunchase – Assuryan

    You can lisen to the tunes and buy them on beatport:

    And there are clips up on our myspace:

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    We’re not sure about the next release yet but in 2008 you can expect more releases from the likes of Krusha, Future Signal, c-Netik and AXiS & Trank!

    Still available:
    AT001 – Arsenic – Hollowpoint // Dave Akuma – Manhack
    AT002 – Mumblz & Dave Akuma – True Nature of Pain // Dave Akuma – Kusanagi
    AT003 – B Soul – Angels Night // Xpander – Exorcism

    You can always contact us for bookings or demo's on these AIMs:

    AXiS --> DJAXiS009
    Trank --> trank dnb
    AT Recs --> at recs dnb

    Thanks for your support!