at last my computer works ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    May 20, 2007
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    hello peeps. dj crossie here just signed up again on this site.
    had a few probs with me compooter,not lettin me join forums and the like.
    anywayz. just sayin ello.

    ps: dont forget to check out phaze one. at pipers in folkestone kent on the 15/06/07

    twisted individual and mc det
    sinister and easy a (kool fm)
    crossie with mcs iceman and g man
    ray rampage with mcs reborn and dasher d
    hi top with mc tazer
    star c and strategy with mcs rebound and ash
    plus a few suprise guests.

    also phaze one guest slot on ray rampages show
    sundayz 2 til 4pm. crossie n mc tazer.
    competition 4 guestlist for the event on the 15/06/07.
    check it out.:rave: