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Mar 4, 2016
Hey man, track is sounding cool. I'd like to hear some kind of build up in the stab chords, some filtering would be ideal! Work on getting the subs to really punch through also by layering different sounds and really beefing up the 100 - 300 Hz region. One more thing I'd suggest is to have some kind of break sample layered into your drums - just make sure everything is properly tuned, i.e. if the tune is in A minor, then the drums should also be hitting notes like A, E, G etc. You can find this out through most spectrum analysers! Once you've done that stick a camel crusher on top with the tiniest amount of distortion and you'll be jammin :)


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Sep 13, 2010
Nice chords and melodic elements. Your hats run out of sync with themselves. So does your snare at times. How did you make your drums. Where is your bass?
Eq tips: Try high passing sounds and even low passing sounds to create as much space in the mix as possible. Also, don't be afraid negatively eq frequencies out or down to make room for other frequencies like a snare or a kick.
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