hows it going man you might remember me, used to have the forum name mike001, exchanged a few PM's regarding those AKG's headphones a few months ago? yeah liking the space and timelesness about the tune, cant really comment on the production using my shit headphones but from what i hear it sounds pretty cool man. my only beef with the tune is that particular vocal... but thats just me lol.
hey cheers fella appreciate your feedback, hope you managed to get some akg's - best thing I've purchased production wise!! whats the beef with the vocal??
nah i havnt managed to purchase them yet man. the vocal aint bad man, i just imagined a diffrent vacal in there, not to worry lol, just me being trivial.
i thought you meant electro as in electro house!
The track aint bad i like the structure not too keen on the vocal either sounds a bit loud imo too an i dont really like the drums they need more punch i tend to stay away from those sorts of kicks as they sound like bass drums, all in all tho the ideas u got are good just need to tighten up the production on the seperate elements. big up!
cheers for the feedback - I know what you mean about the kick - think that needs a bit of work, I was going for a looser feel with the drums though didn't want them too tight, anyways back to the drawing board I reckon then!
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