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I run my own promotions company called EastCoast-Promotions and I specialize in promoting Artists // Events // Record labels // Flyering services.
Along with my small, but close knit team
anything is possible.

I have been running it for about 2years now and seem to be getting bigger with every step. I am proud to say that we have promoted our specialist subjects from artists to record labels in not only England but also Australia, Germany and Spain.
Below is a CV:

BIG Promotions ,Core Addicts, Dance Island 2009, Deverstate, Disciples of Hardcore, Fusion, Future Hardcore, Global Gathering 2010, HTID, Hyperbolic, Kiddstock, Lean2Mean, Maximum Hardcore, Messy Weekender 2, Ministry of Hardcore, Monthly Mayhem, Pleasuredome, Raindance, Random Concept, Raverbaby, Ravers Re-United, Ravers Revenge, Raw, Sanctuary Festival 2010, SubBase, Uprising, Uproar, Total Eclipse, Wonderland

DJ Billy Bunter (Interview), DJ Bubble, DJ Cally&Juice (Interview), DJ Classix (Interview), DJ Cruze, DJ-Dalby, DJ Fretman, DJ Ganah, DJ Himbo (Interview), DJ Jekyll, DJ Koopa, DJ Miss Special K (Interview), DJ Scar, DJ Stardust, DJ Topvibe, MC Friction, MC Jack, MC Kiz, MC Leggett, MC Outbreak (Interview), MC Shocker, MC Skatty, MC Spankey, MC Sparkz, Feel The Rush (DJC/MC Reconize)

Record Labes:
Australia With Force, Executive Records, JBrecordings, Raw Elements, Recycled Records

(Plus many more) inc. CD PACK SUPERSTORE, Kings Lynn magazine, Mallory Green Miss Nottingham 2010 Promotions, Peterborough Event News, The Ravin’ Eye, Twisted Bliss, 2010 at Santa Pod

- Basically I have an e-mail database of approx 6,000 emails including Nightclub // Ravers // Promoters email addresses.

- I can use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Dontstayin,,, Hardcore Producer, Drum & Bass Forum as well as some more + what ever desired ones you may wish for me to use.

- On Facebook, Dontstayin I have enough artists // promoters account passwords to access their account (WITH PERMISSION) and add all their friends to the promotion in question too to receive full exposure.

- I can create basic web pages and also make them interactive to be used on Facebook (FanPages // Note Pages), Dontstayin, Myspace, and

- Interviews // Previews // Reviews // Biographies (Auto-Biogs also) // Any form of write up // Data collecting // Flyering (Exclusive for Sidewinder Events

- But a deal could be met) // Photographers // Artist Management // EastCoast-Mix series // Plus MUCH MUCH MORE... Never hold back on a question. We can be of service in ANY WAY to your promotion.

What can we do on Facebook?:
- Fan Pages (Interactive OR Basic) Note: Interactive will cost more...
- Group Pages
- Event Pages
- Interactive Notes Section
- Use my various groups to mail target audience regarding promotion
- Add (Invite) anywhere up to 9,000 people to an event page - Subject to change on Fan Pages // Groups

(Fan Page) By creating a Fan Page I can include an interactive HTML write up which is as good as an actual customized web page.

(Group Page) Can send everyone within the group messages

(Event Pges)
When I have created an event page I will invite everyones friends (WITH PERMISSION) from the various accounts I have access to this event page. Good thing with this is that then we can send out messages regarding the promotion in question to evenyone invited. And they will receive the message whether accepted of not accepted the invite
(Interactive Notes Section) Like with the Fan Page but can actually tag desired people of interest to it

- Creation of Groups and generating invites
- Widespread promotion accross the site (record invited to a single thread before was 12,000)

- I also have various accounts and will also create an account regarding the promotion so then there is FULL ON info on it all the time on the go.

- Create you one too if you want… // // MySpace:
- Basically same as DontStayIn but not with all the freinds generated

- (On I can include a 'Poll')

- On my website I have I would include info on there too which can be used for linking

- I keep most things on there anyways due to portfolio uses.

- The exact same layout as what it would look like on the mailing list info

Mailing List:
- I have a database of approx 6,000 email addresses

I can also put you into contact with Photographers // Dancers // Data Collection Assistance // Flyer Designers // AND MUCH MUCH MORE.. Ask about anything and ill see what I can do.

Also now with my write ups (interviews etc...) I can possibly get it put into the 'Ravin' Eye'... (Ask for details)

I am looking to get my EastCoast-Mixes up and started soon as.
This mix series will consist of FOUR volumes per series and FOUR series' a year. I have a few artists lined up for some but looking to get some more sorted. I was wondering if you would like to feature on a volume.

In this you would have an EXCLUSVE mix which I would promote at a reduced rate of only £50 where as usually I charge around £150 for private work. The reason this is cheaper is because it’s on my mix series and gives me the 100% exclusive rights to spam as and when I feel.

With each series I am looking to release a volume once every 2 weeks.

What you get for £50:

- A podcasted mix (iTunes)

- A small interview

- Small biog

- Promoting of the mix on all the main websites related to your genre and on my mailing list of 4,000 approx ravers/promoters etc…

- Guaranteed to have at least 7,000 people added to (invited) to mix on Facebook

- Can get up to 4,000 on average to a thread on (11,000 is my record – DJ Sc@r write up)

- A featured, interactive page on my website

- Also a new feature of having your mix Studio
Engineered so your sounds can sound all the more crisp!

I build my reputation on my customer’s success. If you succeed, I succeed.

Many Thanks
Ash Cox & the EastCoast-Promotions Team
EastCoast-Promotions // EastCoast-Promotions Artist Management // EastCoast-Mixes // SubBase Events