Ascension - Grooves Demo - vinyl mix


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A little demo which I put together for the Grooves night in London (, which is an exclusively turntable driven night.

With that in mind, this has been mixed entirely on vinyl on my 1210s and lovely black slabs of the good stuff (yes, I know it shouldn't be a thing to actually mention that this was the case, but in the context of the night...).

I've tried to pick as many tunes as possible for the mix that I know aren't available digitally so that I'm playing something a little different- enjoy.

Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Drifting Away // Osiris Music
Break - Vanishing Point // Eastside
Young AX - In The Groove // Vibez
Dose & Cern - Pick Up // Samurai
Juju - Thunder // Liquid V
Noisia - Diplodocus // Quarantine
Alix Perez - Down The Line (Break remix) // Shogun Audio
Insta:Mental - Sakura // Darkestral
Doc Scott - 9507 // 31 Records
FSOL - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast remix) // White label
Jubei & Tyrone - Tremor // Invaderz
State Of Play - Dead Man’s Chest (Konflict remix) // Aspect
Digital & Spirit - Phantom Force (T Power & Codine remix) // Function
Hold Tight - Old Times // Industry
Commix - Cambridge Hardcore // Metalheadz
Klute - Hell Hath No Fury // Commercial Suicide