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Jan 22, 2018

Today sees the launch of my new label called Spatial.

The golden age of atmospheric drum and bass of the mid 90's is what Spatial is all about. The focus is strictly on breakbeats, heavy 808 sub bass, and a sensible tempo of roughly 160bpm. The first three releases are available for pre-order on Bandcamp today. Since Spatial is an Auxiliary sub-label, all releases will be available from, our partner site /, and of course from all major stores/sites upon date of release.

SPTL001 - ASC - Sphere Of Influence
SPTL002 - ASC - Confluence Of Light
SPTL003 - Aural Imbalance - Utopian Society, Volume One

A bundle is available with all 3 coloured vinyls, a Spatial logo t-shirt, and limited edition Spatial logo holographic stickers - see here:

And finally, all Spatial related links in one handy place:


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