Drum & Bass ASC & Sam KDC - 2013 Download bundles #1

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    Jan 27, 2004
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    Easy now,

    Me and Sam went through our hard drives recently and found a bunch of stuff that we've put up for cheap download via Official.fm Mine are some older autonomic dubs that me, Instr:mental & dBridge were playing out at the time, plus a few other unreleased bits that were getting played by Sabre, Doc Scott and the like. Sam's selection is more of a mixed bag. Here's the links for both. We both appreciate your support. Cheers!

    ASC - http://official.fm/playlists/UMIw
    Sam KDC - http://official.fm/playlists/RAVT

    We'll probably do this again later on with more stuff we have no plans for.