ASC - Reality Check (Nov 8th)


Jan 27, 2004
ASC - Certainties EP - AUXILIARY 002


AUX002 - ASC - Certainties EP

1 - Reality Check
2 - Spectrum

1 - Metronomic
2 - Autoreceptor

Following up from the ground breaking genre-defying first 12”, in this second release from Auxiliary, ASC offers up four tracks hand-picked from a selection crafted during the development of his Nothing Is Certain LP on NonPlus+. Four tracks which couldn’t be included on the album due to space constraints find a perfect home on Auxiliary as part of the aptly titled Certainties EP.

Up first we have Reality Check, immediately showing an impressive hand of skillfully constructed loops, interjected with metallic stabs over a constant, numbing bass. Developing atmospheres is one of ASC’s key strengths and this track does not disappoint, with a sound that effortlessly evokes the more melancholic brand of sci-fi movie. “Everything around me became suddenly unreal” we hear a voice say; fitting for such an engulfing piece of music.

Spectrum provides an alternative feel with a less intense, more electro-inspired motif which handles the trademark minimal Autonomic sound so confidently that ASC virtually ignores the need for that “beat” we might usually expect to hear. Kicks, hats and FX constantly overlap each other, quietly providing an immaculate structure you won’t even notice unfolding.

Blips and pops take center stage on Metronomic, a remarkably unique composition chock-full of videogame-style snippets and noises which on their own may have appeared unusable to most but in ASC’s hands somehow come across strikingly well in the mix, ebbing and flowing at an appropriately mechanical pace.

Finally, Autoreceptor delves back into that classic atmospheric, Blade Runner-esque sound-set ASC’s listeners keep coming back for. A succession of earthy kick drums from the outset somehow resist the temptation to take over proceedings and instead lead us on a calming journey punctuated by thoughtful strings and synths, with a sparsely-used vocal sample to die for. Stunning.

DJ Support from:
Instra:mental, dBridge, Doc Scott, Loxy, Flight, Blu Mar Ten, Sabre, Rockwell, Data, Consequence, Blocks & Escher, Geiom, Presha, Alley Cat and of course, ASC.
Words by Chris Hayes.


Audio for all for tracks is on the Auxiliary Soundcloud:

Or there's a video courtesy of S.T. Holdings:



Finally, I'd like to welcome Chris Hayes on board, who will now be handling promo related stuff for Auxiliary. You may know him better as DJ Haze from Red Mist Recordings.
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