ASC (Auxiliary, Autonomic, EXIT, NonPlus+) - European Tour May 2012


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Mar 7, 2012

ASC European Tour - May 2012

Tour Information:

ASC, one of the cornerstones of the autonomic sound and an extremely versatile artist, will be touring Europe in May this year, giving his legion of fans and promoters the extraordinary opportunity to catch him performing at your must see event.

ASC, will be available around the 19th May 2012, please get in touch for more information and date ranges.

Please Email michael @ to Book ASC – European Tour, or use the button from the Tour Information link on our website

One of the most respected artists in the scene, setting the standard as a producer having released on labels including Exit records, Good Looking Records & NonPlus+. An extremely talented DJ who has toured the globe headlining sold out events around the world and has also made a name for himself as the label manager of his acclaimed recent imprint, Auxiliary Music and the now retired label Covert Operations.

Resident Advisor on the ASC album:
It's mature club music of the highest calibre, for dancers who care about the short but nevertheless rich history of rave, and who've been around for long enough to know that in the endless, tyrannical quest for innovation, the bravest thing to do is look back, take stock and build with care and understanding. You'd be hard pressed to find an album which does so more radically, or elegantly, than this one.

ASC Bio and USA Booking info.

Over the last ten years, ASC has been consistently releasing and performing credible electronic music, a feat which every artist aspires too. This has seen him tour the world Djing and his music has been receiving support from some of the biggest radio stations around including, BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, BBC 1Xtra, XFM and more as well as having his material supported from artists including, Mary Anne Hobbs, dBridge, Instra:mental, Doc Scott, Luke Slater, Laurent Garnier & many more.

Growing up in different areas of England, on a steady diet of Motown, Techno & the blossoming UK Hardcore scene, his productions manage to encompass such a wide range of these influences. Starting out DJ’ing with a bunch of like- minded friends on pirate radio stations while still in school, ASC soon found himself getting interested in how the tracks he was playing were made. This led to an investment in a modest studio setup, which proved to be a defining point in James’ life.

An initial batch of tracks were written between 1997-1999, and eventually a 7 track demo appeared, of which 6 were signed to West Midlands based Nu Directions, and the remaining track was signed to LTJ Bukem’s well known Good Looking Records. After a handful of successful releases on these labels and a few others, James started his own label, Covert Operations, which went on to put out a total of 30 vinyl releases & 8 CD’s between 2000 & 2009.

After receiving much praise for his intricately detailed and well thought out productions, ASC amassed a serious back catalogue of releases on some of the most forward thinking labels out there, such as 720 Degrees, Offshore, and Paradox’s Outsider label.

2010 has seen the release of Nothing Is Certain, the album James released on Instra:mental’s popular NonPlus+ label, to great critical acclaim. Widespread reviews have cited it as one of the best electronic music long players for the year. Hot on the heels of that, ASC has launched his new imprint, Auxiliary.

If this wasn't enough to keep ASC busy, September 2010 saw the release of a project entitled 'Music For Pictures'. Liquid Cinema's head honcho Jeff Rona asked James to create a library of music strictly with the idea of them being used for TV, film and other forms of media in mind. The title was a nod to the classic Brian Eno LP. Music For Film, and what James has come up with, might well be praised with the same regard in many years to come.

You could say the future is bright for ASC, but that’s more than an understatement.

For more information on ASC, including recent and all previous releases check the Auxiliary Music website.



Download ASC's KMAG guest mix


Auxcast Episode 06 Download.


Auxcast Episode 05 Download.


01 - Holy Other - Know Where
02 - Elemental - Archival
03 - ASC - Disintegrate
04 - Sam KDC - Object 1
05 - FSOL - Interstat
06 - RQ - Glowing Beyond
07 - RQ - Greater Geometry (ASC Remix)
08 - HTRK - Synthetik
09 - Synth Sense - Sol (Widescreen Mix)
10 - ASC - Rare Earth
11 - ASC & Synkro - Borderline
12 - Ulrich Schnauss & ASC - Theta
13 - Sam KDC - Object 2
14 - FSOL - Lifeform Ends
15 - bvdub - Your Loyalty Lies Long Forgotten
16 - Imagination Network - EMP
17 - Khonnor - Screen Love, Space and the Time Man

Check out the website for additional mixes:

Auxiliary Music Mixes

Feel free to get in touch for more information and have ASC perform at your event.

Please Email michael @ to Book ASC – European Tour, or use the button from the Tour Information link on our website.
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