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    ASACKA Tracks is the first full length album to be released on ABAGA Records, by no means has quantity come at the expense of quality. A compilation of ten of ABAGA Records finest, including new additions such as Starswell and Daojia as well as ABAGA veterans Tactus, Camphor Haze and The Mighty Cornelius, ASACKA Tracks features some of these artists' best output to date.

    A heady cocktail of deep atmospheric tracks and heavy dubstep, this album keeps you guessing right until SubShot's jungle finale. It would be too difficult to pick favourites out of this compilation, suffice to say that, with gems such as Dunt’s melodic ‘Simpleton’ and The Setup’s mighty ‘J-Dizzle’, there is definitely something for everyone here, regardless of your musical tastes.

    ASACKA Tracks is testament to the raw talent seeping up into the mainstream of electronic music, and is a true classic; expect these beats to be dropped on dancefloors everywhere in the not-too-distant future.