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    Hello everybody

    as a producer what motivates me making music is the love and passion I have for music ,
    but unfortunately we live in a world where money is needed to eat and live
    and we can not always support artists by buying their music appreciated
    Here are some tips for them to receive something in return for their work

    youtube :

    relatively recently they do "channel auto-generated by youtube" virtually all music today is there.
    we can see the announcement wait 30 seconds "while you do anything else." or click every 5 or 10 tracks in advertising
    once given click advertising, not close immediately. leave open about 30 seconds

    beatport streaming:

    they pay very well to labels and artists with its new project streaming
    I think from listening 30 seconds track

    Spotify :

    they pay very little but clicking on advertising every 5 or 10 tracks, the artist will receive royalties best.
    I think from listening 30 seconds track

    once given click advertising, not close immediately. leave open about 30 seconds

    I would like to say that this post just do it with good intentions and that hard work and hours that can lead to create music

    maybe not everyone agrees with these particular companies mentioned . although they also receive royalties, so also they win

    Thanks and I hope you serve something

    any questions I'll be happy to answer
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    Good points but streaming earns labels barely nothing - about 2quid per 1000 plays (n) Google rakes it in with ads on Youtube vids where the channel gets shit all of shit all from it lol same with streaming sites - Dont see google charging 2 quid for 1000 views / plays of their advert lol

    Buying music is still the best way to put money back into labels / producers you like

    I can see streaming killing off download sites in the very near future - If juno download went out of business you would see a lot of DNB labels disappear over night as they are one of the main revenue generators for DNB labels, streaming sites are massively undercutting these stores and will ultimately push them out of business

    It is more important now than ever to purchase music and keep labels running - with mastering, artwork, PR and Promo you are looking at, at least 40 quid per release in costs to labels - I know a lot of labels that have folded over the past 12 months as they are not making this money back on releases (Would need 20k Streams to cover that v's 30 or so physical sales)

    bare in mind it is only after the costs of release (Mastering artwork etc) are covered THEN the artist makes any money (and only 50% of that as well)

    If you like the music then purchase it - £1 for a track is nothing compared to 15 years ago when we were paying £5.99 per 12" vinyl and buying £100 quids worth a week lol

    if you do want to buy a producers / labels music try to buy it direct from the label / producers bandcamp or website - they earn a much higher % from the sales that way

    Also a free way to help is PROMOTE - if you like a track tell your friends on social media and share the label / producer links to buy on social media = Just one retweet on your behalf can introduce that artist / label to a new customer (y)

    Everything loves saving money and streaming is a dream for music lovers but just think about the money the artist and label are getting from it ;)

    You can buy my labels music here (Shameless plug lol) - https://36hertz.bandcamp.com/