Artists required for a new Drum and Bass Label

Hi guys,

I am starting a new label in 2015, I have signed some really good tracks from 3 really talented up and coming producers and Bcee has agreed to do a remix of the debut release. I am also in discussions with BTK, Serum and Physics about remixing further releases. Upon agreeing terms with these guys I will make an official announcement.

So the initial format will be to release a track by an up and coming artist with a remix by an established producer. Each single or EP release will feature at least one remix or track from an established producer.

So I'm looking for new artists, so can you please send me your demos. For now you can follow me on Soundcloud and then send me a link to your private or public track. The label will be called Soul Trader and we will also release the more Tech stuff under Hard Soul, the website and social media sites will be up in the coming weeks with preview of forthcoming releases, i will post links when they are complete. So if you want to get signed on a label and get your track remixed by a major producer get in touch. My contracts are very fair and flexible so it's all easy, simple and transparent.

To submit demos follow me on Soundcloud and then send me a link to your track. Here is my Soundcloud page, I promise to listen to all tracks and initially give feedback to all who submit demos, I will aim to continue to do this, assuming that I don't receive 100's of demos, in which case I will promise to listen to every track. If you could limit it to your 2 best tracks per month that would be good as it will means I will be able to come back to everyone.:

This is my personal page, I will post the new link for the labels site in the coming weeks but in the meantime this will do.

Wishing you all an amazing 2015, hope it's a good one for all and I hope to work with some of you in the New Year.

Peace and Love