ARTISTS NEEDED: EMusic for Charity


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EMusic for Charity
supporting Save the Children

We are currently looking for electronic music artists to donate a track to raise money for Save the Children. The tracks will be bundled together for download as an incentive for fans to donate to the charity.

Please send an email to
MP3 Either attachment or link to download is fine.
Artist Name
Track Title
Link to YouTube (optional)
Link to Website (optional)
Include the following statement in the email:
"I own copyright and distribution rights to this audio track, and I give permission for to non-exclusively distribute the track in exchange for donations to Save the Children for a period of 1 month. Throughout this period I will retain my ownership of the track. I will be held liable for all copyright infringement issues that arise regarding my track."
If you send more than one track, the additional tracks will be retained for inclusion in future bundles. The agreement terms will remain the same for all future bundles. No explicit material please.

Once the artists are in place, the bundle will be available here:

This is an example of how the site will look:

85% of proceeds will go to Save the Children
15% of proceeds will go to for their services: file hosting, donation processing, technical support, etc.
0% will go to the artists, including Zweiforce for organizing the bundle

GENRE: I think variety is good so anything remotely electronic (since it is Electronic Music for Charity).

TIME: I expect it will take a couple of weeks to get the word out and have enough responses to make the bundle worth getting. So I guess the deadline will be mid-August. My dream is to have 100 tracks!

NON-EXCLUSIVITY: You can send in new material or something that has been released for awhile, it doesn't matter. This will just be another place to get the track, and the sale will run for just a month so it won't be up forever. So do what you normally do with your music and send it to me also!!

Please repost this information, the more artists we get, the better!!
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Not that i could send you a sellable track anyway, but how do you garuntee any money is going where you say its going?


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Not that i could send you a sellable track anyway, but how do you garuntee any money is going where you say its going?
Good point... If you contact Save the Children they won't be able to confirm our intention to donate the money. I've been working with the company Bundle Dragon ( I've emailed their technical support a few times about getting the money straight to the charity and not go through me, which they say will be fine. Perhaps if you want another verification you could contact Bundle Dragon and see what they say.

Also, don't be modest about sending tracks. I'm hoping for a lot of variety and a large number of tracks in this bundle.