Artifice - Up To Speed Vol.II [DIGIPOT43]

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    Artifice - Up to Speed Vol.2 [DIGIPOT43]
    Release date: 05/12/2012
    Format: 4x Digital Download

    Ding ding, get ready for round 2 of Artifice's Up To Speed series.
    So be prepared for some more of the freshest beats out there from one of Toronto's finest.
    4 tracks of pure class for your listening and mixing pleasure:

    Hot Shit: Punchy snares, heavy subs, delicate piano edits and soaring synthwork...Grab it while it's hot!

    Scorpion: Crisp drums, warm retro-sounding synths and clever sampling make this an epic rollout.

    Off world: Intertwining basslines and eerie atmospherics are masterfully combined in this tune ...Cool and deadly!

    Junkpunch: This tune is pure energy, turn up the volume and share it with your neighbours,
    they will most probably thank you by throwing a few stones at your window!

    Check the clips on Soundcloud

    Dig it? Grab it at:



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