ARTFX Tutorial Tuesday: The Drop


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Hey guys, back again with a big post for everybody who missed this. Lately I've done a couple of tutorial videos and a studio session of more than an hour on doing the drop section of my tutorial track. I did the arrangement part as a studio session since I highly recommend people to take their time when arranging the drop of a track, and it's basically not something I can show you in 10 or 20 minutes. Hope you like them!

Also another update: I opened up a forum for my viewers, to talk about the videos and ask me questions. But also for producers to spend time talking about production, posting your tunes to get feedback directly from me or other members and who knows what more. The forum has gone online today so it's very new and empty at the moment and I thought that probably some of the guys here would love to have some more feedback on their music. I'm not trying to get people to switch to my forum instead of this one, don't worry I love dnbforum! :D I'm just not that active at the moment due to all the work I've been doing lately.

You can check the forum at

Hope to see some of you there soon! ^^

Ooh and last but not least, a little preview of a Glitch Hop thing I've been working on...

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